Create and Share Lighting Plots with your iPad & iPhone

Lighting Designer

Extensive Lighting Inventory

Choose from over 700 different types of lights, frames, rigging, and other objects. Includes Fluorescent, LED, HMI, and Tungsten fixtures, as well as specialty units like umbrellas and moving lights, all searchable by name! All objects are customizable with your notes and nickname. Don't see what you need? Just request it from the developer!

Pack your Truck

Create a detailed equipment list to send to your crew, producer, or vendors. Share a Truck for a whole show, and build each Plot from your specific set of gear.

Intuitive Controls

The custom-designed controls for each object help you work quickly to create your plots. While expensive drafting programs tend to overcomplicate things, Lighting Designer keeps it simple and fast, so you can achieve exactly what you need to do without a steep learning curve or superfluous options. Target other objects, rig onto truss, and draw floor plans using intuitive touch gestures.

Undo & Redo Support

Every action you perform in Lighting Designer is undo-able, so you'll never find yourself stuck. Plus, the app saves your data every time you make a change, so you never have to worry about losing work.

Organize Your Show

Group Plots into a Show, complete with shoot dates, and add Crew from the Contacts on your device. Use Labels to group objects together on your plot. And once you're done plotting, email your layouts, equipment lists, and crew list directly from the app.

Designed by a Filmmaker

Lighting Designer is completely designed and developed by a Director of Photography and Gaffer, so its usefulness and continual improvement are the first and foremost goals. This means that any ideas you have for making LD better are always given proper consideration, and your emails, tweets, and facebook posts are read and replied to by the developer. You won't find a more personalized and effective support experience anywhere.