Bug Fixes

Another bug fix update.

Bug Fixes

Detail tables
A number of improvements to the functionality and appearance of detail tables, including the performance of multi-selection tables, the ability to deselect selected rows, and symbols to represent text position and rotation.

Save Image
Added Save Image selections to Show/Plot detail menus, rather than make users tap again to use it from the Share option. Also fixed the broken “Save Image” option in the Plot menu.

Image Files
Under the right circumstances, some rendered Plot and Shape Image files could be deleted during file cleanup.

Object Nickname
If nickname was changed to then changed back, it would not appear on the Plot.

Show and Plot sorting
App would crash if tables were sorted by start date or edited date.

Show dates
Made it possible to create a Show with no dates.

Crash when adding Grip gear to objects on Plot.

Group assignment
Could not assign Group to Plot objects by dragging crosshairs.

Group duplication
When Plots were duplicated, original Plot objects would retain links to duplicate Groups in new Plots.

Merging context after iCloud sync creates unwanted Undo group.