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Whenever your app crashes, this built-in framework will send me a notification and a complete stack trace, so I can always see any problems that are occurring. This saves time and effort for everyone; you don’t have to retrieve your device’s crash logs, and I don’t have to wait until you get annoyed and contact me. If we’re lucky, I’ll have the bug fixed and the update submitted before you personally encounter the problem.

Since Apple’s iCloud Core Data syncing has never worked correctly, a developer named Drew McCormack created a fantastic alternative to perform the same function. His active support and communication mean that LD’s syncing abilities will always be up to date with the latest operating system.


This simple class notifies LD when it gains or loses access to the internet. This ensures that your syncing can stay as up-to-date as possible, and also informs you about your connectivity so you’re not left wondering.

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