iOS devices

You never know when inspiration will strike, but it’s not always when you’re sitting at your computer with your plotting app open. Will you be in the back of a crew van? Waiting in the airport? About to go to sleep? Lighting Designer will always be ready. No matter where you are, with any iOS device, you can create professional lighting plots and share them with your crew.

Portable Plotting

Lighting Designer is a universal iOS app, which means it runs on any iPad or iPhone device running the latest version of the operating system. It’s designed specifically for touch interaction, and adapts to make the most of any screen size, including split screen on the iPad Pro.

Simply Powerful

Sometimes, all you need is a quick demonstration of what you’d like to do, so Lighting Designer makes it quick and easy to throw a Plot together in a matter of minutes, but the deeper you dig, the more options you’ll find. Customize text and colors, assign DMX addresses, add gels and gobos, create complex floor plans, organize unique truck packages for later use, and add notes to your Plot for the greatest possible clarity.

Hundreds of Lights

Lighting Designer comes with a built-in inventory of over 500 types of equipment, in over 2000 unique configurations. And whether or not it contains the specific light you want, you have complete control over labeling and annotating your gear, so your Plots will reflect your exact vision.

Crescit LightShop Library

If you have a Crescit Premium account, you have access to an additional 14656 fixtures, 2581 gels, and 15008 gobo patterns. Many fixtures include photometric data, DMX profiles, size and weight, and much more info.

iCloud Sync

The iPad has always been the best device for plotting, but sometimes you don’t have that option. iCloud to the rescue! If you have a great idea for a design on the train, just whip out your iPhone and get started; you can always finish it later on your iPad. Up in a scissor lift and need to check on a DMX address? The Plot on your iPhone is up to date. Everything you do with Lighting Designer can sync to all your devices, so you’re never stuck on just one screen.

Dark Mode

Is staring at a bright screen getting a little tiresome? Want to be less noticeable in a dark space? Engage Stealth Mode to make the background black and give your eyes a break. All your fixtures can keep their unique identities by just swapping your customizable stroke and fill colors, and you can still automatically render on a white background for printing.

Share Your Creations

Communication is one of the most important factors in running a successful shoot, and Lighting Designer makes it easy and intuitive to render your Plots, build your crew using the contacts on your device, and send them images, gear orders, patch lists, and editable Plot files. You can also use the iOS share view to send files to Dropbox or Google Drive, save images, or show off your creations on social media.